Here are a few pictures from our trip to Belize over Easter this year…

Above is the view from the patio of our room.

Above is a picture of the beach,….including a mini-van….which was funny seeing it on the beach since vehicles are rare on the island!

Charlie could have done this all week!  He loved it!

Great Wi-Fi in Belize, Daphne was able to stay connected to her friends back home!

The main form of transportation on the island is golf carts….we rented one for the day to check things out.

A typical street in San Pedro.

Found an English, Protestant church to attend on Easter Sunday.

Easter Egg hunt with the Belizian kids!

Then out for lunch for Easter rice and beans….it was HOT!

Many of the kitchens in the restaurants were no bigger than kitchens we have in our homes……everything freshly-made, dishes hand-washed, food AMAZING!!!!

After Easter, most supplies were running short on the island….no milk or chocolate milk…..but lots of herseys syrup to make chocolate smoothies!  Daphne had a few…..  Charlie’s choice was watermelon.

On a river tour with spider monkeys.

This spider monkey was sooo beautiful!

A group of bats….

Charlie and Doug on the river

One set of ruins….seriously, they have just been discovered recently and they have not dug into them.

Charlie’s favourite…the jaguar ruins.

Hard to see, but they burn the sugar cane fields first because too many workers have died from rattlesnake bites and rat rabbies.  So they burn the fields to drive rodents out, but then workers are cutting the canes by hand in full-body protective wear – in 40 degree plus heat.  Makes our farming look pretty comfy….

Of course we had to do a geocache in Central America!!!!!

Eric taking us fishing

Daphne’s red snapper

Yumm….ceviche…a local fav of a blend of salsa, cucumber and raw fish….

The caretaker of this island had a one-bedroom house (seen here), with an outdoor kitchen/barbque and outhouse that was a shack over the ocean.  And he had the fanciest cell phone I have ever seen!

Lots of sea horses swimming by the island!

Daphne’s 9th birthday spent in Belize!


Lots of friends made in the pool!

Yum, every night we had some sort of plantain.

Here’s a cute house…lots of those here

Another photo in the pool

Fishermen pulling in with their boats and fresh fish….amazing..

Ya, we saw lots of these and the kids swam with lots of them….reef sharks and nurse sharks.

All Charlie wanted from this trip was a shark-tooth.  We finally found one!


At another fantastic restaurant!

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